In this section you will find multiple documents that will
help veterinarian to perform ultrasounds

These documents are provided to veterinarians  who have registered for an
ultrasound class  offered by our group.

You will need a password to access this section. To request a password email
us at

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We offer different continuing education packages

For group sessions:
Group sessions are offered quarterly at Colonial Veterinary Hospital and include
labs and few hours of lecture. Labs are dedicated to working on direct skills of
imaging. Cats and dogs are available to practice imaging techniques.
The beginner course includes the basics of ultrasonography and emphasises  
techniques to perform the most complete study possible.

The intermediate course reviews basic skills but develops onto disease
processes and how to recognise them.

For individual or hospital restricted session:
These are offered to a specific hospital and their veterinarians, or to a specific
individual. These can be performed on site or at Colonial Veterinary Hospital.
The content of these sessions is dictated by each individual and is personalised
upon their need. Labs and lectures are available.