Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics is led by a Board-Certified Radiologist, Dr Alain

Giroux. Our Services includes mostly radiographic reading and performing complete

ultrasound studies. We service the Ithaca region and the Binghamton and Corning

We offer complete radiology services at Colonial Veterinary Hospital

which include ultrasounds on an outpatient basis from your referral veterinarian or in-house

ultrasounds for the Colonial Veterinary Hospital.

We offer complete radiology services at
the Veterinary Medical Center  of Central NY  

which include in-house ultrasounds and review some radiographic studies. The ultrasound

studies are performed every
Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Additionally we perform  referral ultrasounds on an outpatient basis to the Binghamton region

every Wednesday, which are performed at
Valley Animal Hospital.
What's new?

Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics is expanding its services to the
Ithaca community by offering emergency services at Colonial
Veterinary Hospital.

Emergency ultrasound and radiographic reading by a board
certified Radiologist are available.

Patients must be seen by one of the Colonial Veterinary Hospital's
emergency staff doctor.
Valley Animal Hospital
Colonial Veterinary Hospital